Fully FOSS OS for ARM computer for self hosting?

Searching for the best, most stable, completely FOSS, safe OS for ARM for a small server. Searching for an OS with minimal risk of data breaches so I also need something that has regular security updates. Will be running nextcloud and an email server on it if I can setup properly. Any suggestions?

Can we define "completely FOSS"? Are we talking full libre stripped of firmware or are just normal open source?

If it the latter, what about debian?

I need it to hold very sensitive data. I want absolutely nothing that can pose a threat at all. It can look as bad, run down, unable to run tonnes of things as possible. I just need it to be able to use nextcloud and be functional enough for an email server. I do not need or want anything more. It can have scares on its shouders and broken ribs but I just need it for that.

Just because something is FOSS or libre doesn't mean it is secure.

I still think debian is a good choice for you if it runs on your hardware. "ARM" is somewhat broad.

just curious, why does it have to be arm? If you want a completely FOSS system, you might want to look into the RISC-V (open source processor) unleashed board (also open source).

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Because lower power usage for something I would have up 24/7
edit: RISC-v. What is that?

Edit: I'm not sure how much storage you need, if you want to connect sata or nvme you will have to get an expensive expansion card...

Will have to research but I need a few things. I need 4 HDD + 2.5' ssd.

It looks like it is intended to run armbian which is based on debian. That is a pretty specific piece of hardware so you are probably going to have limited options.

Also, if you want to secure your data, you should focus on encrypting it in a secure manner.

wdym? I was thinking usual LUKS encryption with a unique passphrase of a secret amount somewhere over 20.
edit: I also need the whole enclosure to be of a small size for a secret place to hide.

Don't forget about ventilation. The drives won't last long if you run them too hot.

In that case a risc-v board is not practical in its current state. Maybe in a year or two once they've gotten farther.

How about this pi (ARM) board?
it goes with
It has 4 sata connectors and from the looks of it also a fan header.

How can I make all of that... work?
edit: external HDD holders?
edit2: OK I understand how those two can connect but I also need 5 SATA not 4.

This thread seems to be a variation of https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Forum_Rules#Product_Recommendation_Requests ?

Also, why would you post on the Manjaro forum to get a recommendation for a different distro?

I think this thread has gone off on a tangent.

OK whatever. Close it then.
edit: Without this discussion, I wouldn't even know that there were other alternatives to doing these options. I wouldn't find this stuff because nobody discusses them and I got them from here and now you think the entire discussion is pointless.

Raspberry pi is fairly easy if you are already accustomed to linux. It comes with its own distro, raspbian, based on debian.

From the looks of it, you just plug in the expension into the main pi board. It will probably come with some sort of manual, or the pi-kernel will just automatically know what to do.

This is you yourself assuming things. No one at all said this entire discussion is pointless.

This thread did go off on a tangent just like Jonathon said, because this thread was supposed to just be about an opinions on an OS, but then it became about products and other things, and then:

These places would help you significantly more than we can, as they are more focused on that topic:



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