Fullscreen shortcut

Hello guys,
How can I have a fullscreen window in deepin. There is no a shortcut in keyboard settings.

Thanks in advance.

Have you done a basic Web search for "deepin full screen window" ?

Have you tried F11?

That was the first thing i've done, and I did not found something that I can use.

Noone can know what you have already tried unless you say.

It's also possible that Deepin DE does not have support for "full screen windows" outside of that provided by the individual applications. That is, it allows you to maximise a window and no more.

If you mean something like deepin file manager Win+Up (Win+Down to go back minimized) will do, for Deepin movie it's Enter

Ok here it is : I'm trying set kodi in fullscreen mode on my tv which is connected to my laptop with hdmi cable. I know that kodi has a builtin shortcut for that but every time i hit that shortcut, kodi leave my tv screen and show up at laptop screen in fullscreen mode. Now I'm using badgie manjaro which have a keyboard shortcut for fullscreen window and works perfectly as and others DE(xfce,kde etc.) but I can't find that in deepin. Maybe if I could create a custom shortcut for that but I don't have the knowledge.


Sounds to me like bug, try to report it on upstream

Here's example of informative bug-report https://github.com/linuxdeepin/developer-center/issues/1208, so it would be solved quicker.

This is an entirely different issue to that which you outlined in your original post.

In future please post about your actual issue, not what you think might be the solution.

This is known as an "XY Problem": http://xyproblem.info/