Full disk encryption for Manjaro ARM on the Pinephone

Hello there!

I understand that Manjaro ARM for the PinePhone does not support full disk encryption as of yet.

Nevertheless can anyone think of a possibility to encrypt (I’m thinking of a classical LUKS setup) an existing Manjaro ARM installation or (even cleaner) to encrypt the eMMC of the PinePhone before flashing Manjaro ARM to the encrypted partition (e.g. via Jumpdrive)?

I’d just try the second way of encrypting the partition onto which I then install Manjaro using Jumpdrive, but I don’t know if the PinePhone will recognize that when booting up - I need a password input field and a screen keyboard after all to decrypt before boot.

Other than that how time-consuming would it be to create my own custom image (with FDE) to simply flash it in the usual manner?

An encrypted device is critical for me, but I really like Manjaro and want to give its PinePhone version a try.

Other than that, are there any plans on supporting FDE out of the box for Manjaro ARM in the foreseeable future?

Thank you for your help and for Manjaro of course!

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Encryption is currently really low priority. If you look at Mobian, they have adopted Calamares similar as PMOS does. We might plan to add a first run wizard after we have finished the basic development of our editions, which may have a feature to encrypt your data as needed.

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Thank you Philip for your fast reply.
I already tried PMOS for some weeks but the lack of (atm usable) software is quite challenging.
I wasn’t aware that Mobian did support FDE already - Gonna give it a shot, thank you!

The below link is the current solution that alarm uses on the pinephone and it works like a charm. It seems like it shouldn’t be so bad to convert it to install manjaro until they implement their solution. I haven’t tried it yet but, I will this weekend since the manjaro team has done a stellar job of optimizing lots of things (modem and battery come to mind) that has not been implemented upstream yet.

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