FuchsiaOS, android succesor and more



a very interesting article, about google’s plan for android, chromeOS, smart devices and others stuff
(the video does not cover the whole article)


what do you think ?

and a pretty good video



This is the most reliable project name for a while now … but I’ve heard mermors of a new one recently …


please do tell


Looking around it seems I was a little … brief.
Android Q (or android 10) will introduce a more streamlined ‘convergence’ as it will allow for ‘desktop mode’ which looks surprisingly like a combination of ubuntu and chromeos.

This is where the speculation comes in…
(we never know with google …they have so many resources they often throw crap at a dozen projects and slowly kill them off until they have the one they deem acceptable)
So … does this mean they have abandoned Fuschia ? Or is this just the next in a series of updates to android and the 2 are not connected ? Maybe its a stop-gap or testing-ground until fuschia is fully functional. Who knows. Of course it seems from the outside that they wouldnt be doing all these things at the same time … but its google.


from what i read so far, it seems that android Q/10 is just the next release nothing more, but fuchsia is an entirely new os. built from the ground up, with a team of about 100 people working on it, built on a new kernel ZIRCON, and without Java, and more voice interaction functions, indeed google created android, but they lost control of it, same with chromium (mostly because of microsoft and other big players).

so a future version of fuchsia, could replace both chromeOS and android for google hardware, and also run on IoT devices. that future might not be linux based. :popcorn: but more of micro-kernel, closed sourced, apple-style, they already have chips, similar to apple’s secure enclave on various devices. and they even had G stores.

remember that google even rebranded itself, to Alphabet. i see big changes on the horizont…


So, it seems that Android might lose popularity along with Linux. Google is trying to get rid off Linux kernel anyway.


I sure hope the Linux kernel stays relevant. I like free and open source, not google proprietary software/spyware in everything I own.


I hope pure Linux distros replace android completely. Now that could be amazing!


Yes, I’d like to see that happening, but there’s a huge hardware support gap.


@mbb @SlayerProof32 there are a few projects, but without the backing of a big company, its gonna be impossible.