Fuchsia Project is now online

the new OS from Alphabet (google), an interesting read, no longer a rumor

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Ah, this is supposed to replace Android eventually. But will emulate Android apps until more people make Fuchsia apps.

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Instead of making something that is free of errors, the next sow is driven through the village :wink:

Ah, my inspiration :wink: 2:22


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Fun. By time I need to look for a new smartphone. Fuchsia might be ready for the main stream.

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I'm gonna get one before the year is out, I might get a Pixel 3a this time instead of a Moto G again. I've had two Moto G phones and they are good but the speed of updates from Motorola is seriously annoying. I've ended up unlocking both and running LineageOS until they were dropped by the maintainers contributing for that device. I could build my own ROMs using LineageOS source code still but I don't have time or inclination to bother. I tried it a couple of times successfully but also encountered build failures. If it fails right near the end of a 2 hour build (which it can) it is seriously frustrating which I'm guessing is why the maintainers concerned ditched it in the end. That or they got new phones and couldn't test their own builds.


I keep my smartphone for about 3to 4 year. Got my Sony xperia xz2 last year. So around 2022. I'm going start looking for a new phone. First time owning a Sony phone. I like it. There just over price.

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Unfortunately still no official 9.0 images for Pixel3/3a... even the venerable Nexus 5X is still on 8.1.


Yeah I've been keeping an eye. The roster for LineageOS appears to be shrinking more and more. I think some maintainers moved to other opensource ROM projects or forked it to create their own.

The Moto G I have bought: XT1032 (1st gen retail), XT1622 (4th gen dual SIM retail)


There are plenty of non-LineageOS Android 9.x ROMs on XDA. I stopped using LineageOS a couple years ago myself after finding better ROMs.

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Yes, unfortunately I have zero time to go through all of them, and setting everything up.

Last non-Lineage I used were my custom builds with cherrypicks, and OmniROM, but no (official) release for my devices since over a year.

Maybe I could try Plasma Mobile in what I guess is pre-alpha quality...

Omni supports my G4 but I've switched that back to the newly available stock Oreo ROM for it released in June 2019 by Motorola. I guess that tells you something about how tardy they are about over 'promised' releases :grin:

As for the XT1032 (it resides in a draw 99.9% of the time because the battery is screwed and I'm too lazy to fit a new one) I recently tried out pixel experience on it. It works quite well after taking 5 minutes to boot up which is apparently normal for Pie on old devices but it's yet another project that's no longer releasing a ROM and they never supported the G4.

I reckon the 3a may be widely adopted since it's a cheaper entry point for developers into the current Pixel lineup. That's why I'm mulling over getting one.

Yes, it could be some sort of successor to the Nexus line.
I hope there will be a Pixel 3a "Mini" because the 3a is a rather big slab.

Something that has the size of an iPhone 5 or the Nexus 4 would be nice...