Fstab Mount Dolphin errormessage

After the update 02 January 2022 I have a strange error. I have a smb share in fstab. I can mount it using the concole, no problems everything works fine, but when I try to mount it in Dolphin, the mount doubles and I get a error message. Strangely, the 1st device remains unusable, but the clone works normally.
Expected: Click on the mount and samba connects and everything works.
Reality: Click on the mount, get a 2nd mount and an error. The 1st one still does not work, the 2nd one does.
No dmesg errors by the way, so I somehow think this is a dolphin only problem.
Unmounted, everything looks normal
There should only be one working device, not 2 of which one is broken.
The errormessage.

Did you reboot after the update?

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Yes, I did reboot.
Options in fstab are: cifs rw,users,noauto,credentials=/home/xxx/.smbcredentials
I have the same setting on my htps and my desktop and both systems are affected.
Could this have something to do with samba being part of the kernel now? I never really looked into that.
Anyways, apart from a error message everything works, so Im not in panic atm.