Fstab don't exist?

I tried to modify my fstab file and it doesn’t work.
My file is perfectly fine. But I cannot modify, I dont know why this happends. I try to open whit nano, but there is nothing inside. And the error “etc directory doesn’t exist”.

When I check in reading mode it shows up normally. And I try whit gedit but I don’t have the perms…

I really need help. I don’t now why this happends

(And yes… My system is in spanish)

You probably didn’t supply the correct path to the file.

Writing to /etc/fstab requires root permissions. I’m not familiar with gedit, but any polkit-aware editor should normally prompt you for either the root password or the sudo password upon trying to save the file.

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sudo nano /etc/fstab should let you edit the file.

gedit admin:///etc/fstab
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In a terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

gedit is a Gnome text editor

Do not run graphical applications with sudo. Instead do this:

gedit admin:///etc/fstab

See Running GUI applications as root - ArchWiki

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Finally this allowed me to change the etc/fstab folder.

Thx for solving it quickly :smiley:

@ Troll91919


fstab is a text file in the /etc folder, like most, if not all Linux Configuration files, it is a simple text file, which is why you were able to edit it with a text editor.

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