Fsck at boot and shutdown

Is it normal (or necessary) to have fsck always performed at boot and shutdown ?

It is normal at least for the system partition. And of course secure, because the probability of losing data decreases, when the system crash. However it is just 1sec more on boot for more security. I would stay set it on.

And no, it does not perform on shutdown.

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Thanks, yeah it slows down little the boot/shutdown process, is there any way to hide its message that’s reported on screen ? because I have “quiet” in grub so no message should appear at boot or shutdown but only fsck ones are reported.

@medmedin This should work: Silent boot - ArchWiki

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But on shutdown I also see fsck messages !

Then change also the loglevel as described in the wiki. Anyway, at next reboot it should not be there.

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