fs limit in steam-manjaro

Hi guys,
I'm thinking of removing our configuration file which sets fd limit to 1048576. Also because in Gnome create an issue with the delay with backlight control.
The default limit is half, namely 524288.
I'm thinking after finding 3 online feedbacks that you can find here


Since I don't use Steam much what is your opinion?

  • Yes you can remove.
  • No ( explain why )

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I believe that limit was raised, because some steam games required a higher limit.
Can't remember which, but I remember seeing forum posts about it in the past.

Yep, i remember but this say no

and also fedora systemd Lennart Poettering dev say no
So i need confirm but seem others big Distro not use this
Esync now work without artefact and as i know we are the only one with this high setting

So it's "fixed" in upstream systemd?

Both seem also esync now generate the needed resource dinamically

Just do it if the rewards are greater for the wider user base. Users affected by the lower limit can increase the limit themselves if it is still necessary, I don't think it is either though.

I think you can remove it - or set both "soft" and "hard" limit.

Btw, just checked on this Steam-free Xfce VM installation - limit is 1024 here.

$ ulimit -n

Yep default in all systemd distro ( also arch) is 1024:524288..

The other distro was (supposedly) Debian and derivatives. Is Lutris the same as Steam Proton? I am not gamer.

@korealinux seem systemd developer work on it to fix.. but 1G is very high number so raise to the half.. seem if understand correctly keep the value from kernel.. Esync readme are wrong in some part..
see here also

I need only a confirm to gamers to not have too rant lol but i think my decision is ok

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Yes , the default sounds reasonable.

1024 is a bit on the short end - not only for Steam. I ran into this limit in the past with some applications (can't remember which ones).
But the user can increase it very easily with ulimit -n.

Steam Proton also says to use default now.

If you're not running Ubuntu, SteamOS or Debian, please follow the instructions over at https://github.com/zfigura/wine/blob/esync/README.esync to increase your FD limit. This is no longer required if you are using systemd 240 or later.


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