From stable Linux5.8.15KernelImage : Install a manjaro as 2nd operatingOS?

I’m working from this linux5.8.15OS on machineMacbook2013Pro
I’m thumbing through the kernel releases I see v4 and v5 available, which one works next to manjaro the best? Manjaro to operate on Macbook2013 laptop Pro for web dev and and some lighter design tasks in macOS dual-booted, diskHD & SSD (removed CDDrive) to support tasks
Thank you for advices or directions

|stable:|5.8.15|2020-10-14|[[tarball]|[[pgp][[patch][[inc. patch]|[[view diff]|[[browse]([[changelog]|

My system is backed up on an external already

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Generally, I personally advise people to use the 5.4 LTS kernel because of its stability, and especially on older hardware. However, if you’re not having any problems with the 5.8 kernel, then there’s no need to change. :wink:

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