From Ryzen 3-3200G to Ryzen 5-5600G

Currently running Manjaro on 2 SSDs and 1 M.2 (each disk is own DE). My motherboard is Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus and iCPU is Ryzen 3-3200G. Here’s my question: Do I need to reset the motherboard to default values before switching to the newly bought Ryzen 5 5600G? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

That’s probably a question you should ask to the motherboard manufacturer. I would say no, but I also would say yes depending on what you have done in the motherboard settings. I remember the ‘puf’ sound and the little burnt electronic scent when I replaced an Athlon XP 3200 with a 2600 back in the days, because of the overclock I applied to the 3200…

Thanks for sharing your experience. You have convinced me to treat this as a fresh new build. The current 3200G iCPU has not been overclocked, and the Asus TUF mobo supports the Ryzen 5 5600G; actually the BIOS is current so no problem there either.

If you reset the BIOS, make sure to have a Manjaro USB ready in case the UEFI doesn’t auto detect and add the Manjaro boot option. Simply boot on your OS from the USB (with the menu → Detect installation), and use the wiki to restore GRUB (two commands, no need to chroot if you boot on your real system).

I at minimum reset the CPU portion to “auto” so that any new voltage requirements are detected. I guess I’m not that much of a tweaker so much of it is default anyway and not much would be lost on a full reset. :slight_smile:

You should update the UEFI Bios to the latest version and then load default values in the Bios.

I did as I said I would: to install the new iCPU as if starting a fresh new build. BINGO! It went smoothly, no glitches, no surprise. Surely, it was the appropriate approach. Hope this adventure in switching CPUs will help other users. Thanks to all savvy members for your input.


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