Frisky February (2019) Screenshots



Plasma 5 + Kvantum


Cold XFCE Desktop.


I just installed KDE on my laptop so it was shutdown. I usually restart after kernel updates too and shutdown to save power.


After one 290x MSI Lightning died on me I got a very sweet deal on a 280x and since I had BF4 bought I had to nuke my manjaro install in favor of Win 10 (120gb ssd, only BF4 is 65gb). So read that AMD now has better support on linux, huh. Read about Lutris too. So now I have a VM set up on my second monitor. Installed Manjaro KDE on my hard drive and currently downloading CS GO and BF4. If BF4 multilayer runs I will have to figure out a way to OC my card under linux. Will probably make a custom OC bios. I hope the FPS isn’t very off. Lets hope that after a few hours I will be migrating my Manjaro install on the SSD :smiley:

All my spam posts just show how universal this system is. Installed all the needed things without going through sites, downloading .exe’s or going through sites downloading .deb/.rpm’s, adding PPA’s and stuff. From the first time I tried manjaro two years ago I knew it was the future for the linux desktop or desktop in general. Keep up the good work guys!


obviously isfor and SGS inspired, and I guess I have to add Philm to the mix. :grinning:


Listening to youtube, while compiling latest version of vim. Just cleaned up my flatpaks. My desktop is Awesome VM and Plasma as backup. I love it.


I can’t lie, I like imagining about what could lie beyond these clouds and the night sky. :rocket: :full_moon:


Thor John-sgspng formerly also known as @jonathon :wink: :slight_smile:



We need an Emoji for @Lunix :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:


More Freezing February than Frisky but here she blows


That font really wants me to try it.
I must resist.


It’s in the community repository as ttf-ibm-plex which contains the entire font family including the monospace version for terminal windows if you do give into temptation. I started using it a while back when Noto Sans scaling went funny with regards GTK applications on KDE (titlebars, dialogues and menus being rendered oversized by a couple of pts) and have stuck with it since.


Oh god. Thats another nail.
I know it exists. I think jonathon clued me in to it first. Guess whenever I get snowed in I’ll give it a try.





simple KDE Plasma desktop


KDE Plasma, conkys are a work in progress changing almost daily


How I stopped worrying and loved my dark theme :slight_smile:


Materia really needs to deal with its window corners…
[even the one snapped into the top-right … you can see the glitchy (open or 1px white?) corner]