Frisky February (2019) Screenshots



This is Mt. Ritter, Mt. Banner – Ediza Lake – Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California, USA.


Thanks, will visit it the next time I’m in the States.


Nice seasonal wallpaper dude, so I went back to my previous profile picture ( it was better before… :thinking:)


lynx zen :wink:



New month - new background and matching color scheme

pinned #47


Same boring plasma. Only changed background, went back to the left panel.


So the $wife said I like that one :no_mouth:



Damn! That is a good looking LXQt indeed. Good job. Which dock do you use?


no dock its lxqt panel


Wow. Last time I checked LXQt, I kind of remember having a bad time with vertical panels. Very impressive.


they are quick launchers on vertical panel,
taskbar is on bottom panel as lxqt has separate quick launch and taskbar
waiting for lxqt 0.14.0 to hit manjaro repositories
so i have decided this as new look for lxqt-kwin spin and its final


Made mine a little better


Wow guys & gals…

Almost everyone of you shutdown/reboot the system.
For what I could see. my uptime of 5d 11h 9due to kernel update was the longest in all the screen…

how often do you reboot? why?


Updates on several distros require shorter up periods due to reboots.
Also changing kernels …


on unstable so every update i reboot


I shut down after use as it maybe a week before I get back to that computer again.
( Have tooooooo many computers and all are in use )


Kernel, systemd updates? :wink: Uptime is irrelevant, depends on user’s habits and practice.