Frisky February (2019) Screenshots



life is too short. go for the slick.
i hope your hip is doing okay. :smile:


Plasma + Krohnkite + Palenight


Currently booted into my ex-Apricity/now-Arch partition.

The colour scheme of the oomox-numix theme is inspired by a 2015 gtk+openbox theme called Deco by hhh from Bunsenlabs forum. Well, the grey + bluish/purplish grey parts and the cream text are from old Deco. The military green and navy blue contrasts I added.

Oomox is great. Deco gtk theme is outdated now, but I can churn out something with similar colours so it lives on on my machines.

Purple folder icons are also made in oomox.



dang! :hugs:

About the changes and plugins

I changed the menu by Minimal Menu, with the Darcwaita Plus icons, and created two .desktop files to integrate Shutdown (shutdown -h now) and Reboot (shutdown -r now) in the menu.

I also created .desktop files to integrate webs like Plasma apps, using the command chromium --profile-directory=“Default” --app=URL

In Chromium, I installed Stylish for dark version.

In chrome://flags of Chromium, I activated overlay-scrollbars for make the scrollbars more minimalist.


Here it is my newest Manjaro Cinnamon. - Didn’ t change much since my last Screenshot post in August, but changed for the new cinnamon layout. I like it much better. IMO it looks more modern and stylish.



Old logo :smiley: if that’s the Manjaro logo in the middle.

Deepin Wallpaper and more by SGS

very cool wallpaper :slight_smile:


Found a great looking wallpaper on this site.
Decided Xfce needed a little loving this month.




thats a new approach, 2 tone colors


What? No. It’s a black and white game of Tetris as viewed through a corrugated tunnel.


Manjaro KDE with light themes, something refreshing after all these dark pictures I see here:

Wallpaper showing Hobbitton from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, a hidden panel and a weatherapp which I don’t trust. Every day it shows 1 day of sun but we never see it.

Light, transparant windows making things clear to see (for me).


Manjaro KDE Plasma is nice, very nice :blush although with the default theme:


This has been my setup for a long time. Just a new wallpaper.


Where was that picture taken? It looks amazing.


Seems you must ask Samsung :wink:


Light themes … can I look directly at these … ahhhh my eyes




I’ve been using Fedora for work these days and it’s been VERY cold here.