Frisky February (2019) Screenshots



on my daily driver, a customized KDE panel, with a notes app and a different icon pack.

and my other KDE user, with a minimalist setup.


on my other machine, Haiku with a classic look and different colors.

and a low effort macOS look on Windows XP



My current Netrunner rolling desktop:


Are you guys aussies, or japanese, or somewhere else in the antipodes? Or just plainly impatient? :smiley:


For me it’s neither:
A: I don’t change my desktop settings all that often.
B: I saw a for fun thread and posted in it.



We have a traffic light backup on the Manjaro freeway. Apparently some user swerved to miss a wiki upgrade thread and crashed into an oncoming black screen of death. :joy: :clown_face: :ambulance:

Theme: Juno (available in AUR, more colors available on
Icons: Papirus-Dark-Maia (available in AUR)
Gnome-shell: Juno; Modified by me to include drop shadow taskbar
Plank-theme: MojaveDay
Wallpaper: Traffic Light Anime



Hello! It’s the Goblin Slayer and The Priestess from Goblin Slayer. Besides usual anime wallpaper rotation, I’ve done some tweaks to Plasma.


Boring old KDE Plasma, mostly default theming, etc. (daily wallpaper courtesy of Bing). This is why I’m thinking about returning–at least briefly, anyway–to GNOME Shell for awhile.

Plasma is too easy to make sane, whereas Shell makes me work to create something hip & slick. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


A fellow Gnome tweaker…come back home. :house_with_garden: :hugs:


That’s a sweet panel! Wanna share the config?


Working on my fresh Plasma install (wip)


Plasma Breeze-Dark, AWC & Latte.


Please, share the wallpaper



Why, that’s a mighty fern desktop you have there.


KDE Plasma 5 desktop Monolithic Edition.
kvantum for all the fun rounded widgets. :vulcan_salute:t4:




simply but cool