Fresh Install of Manjaro XFCE uses up 1GB memory after booting

I have around 3.7GB RAM. Installed Manjaro for the first time, some hours ago. Switched from Ubuntu as I heard this is lightweight. Ubuntu used 600mb after startup. Manjaro uses up 1gb. How?
Installed qtile, now it’s reduced to 900mb, yet when I used qtile on Ubuntu, I achieved 300mb after startup

Image of Manjaro XFCE some seconds after booting

What’s the output of free in the terminal?

Because it looks like theres a few hundred MB’s that are used for caching. So just want to confirm that.

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Rebooted. Now it uses 185 MB at startup. Awesome!

There are a few things that run periodically (systemctl list-timers), and the first time they run (fresh install) they may use more resources.

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