Fresh install, linux-pinebookpro, freeze, death

Can soneone help me? I’m having serious trouble with my pinebook pro.
Today, after leaving manjaro xfce behind for it’s horrible external screen management, and switching to opensuse which corrupted it’s filesystem I got back to manjaro, this time with gnome. I installed the linux-pinebookpro kernel to finally get my external screen working and after a few minutes of trying the system froze so badly that I had to hard reset it, and now I’m left with a system which boots, but just stays at a black screen.
I can’t just use my SD card which I flashed with manjaro as well, just to flash manjaro from it to the nvme, because of this horrible installation approach on the generic arm image. Instead of providing a live environment, you are forced to install a whole system onto the sd before you can use it, meaning that the UUIDs are the exact same on both my sd and system. This results in the problem that I can’t boot the sd card because it uses the partitions from the nvme system.
I like my pinebook but manjaro has been one of the worst experiences for me yet for various reasons. It’s sadly the only available arch-based distro for arm, which also ships the linux-pinebookpro kernel so I have no choice.
What am I supposed to do? I need my system to be runinng and it’s been weeks of downtime already.
Why did it just self destruct when I hard-reset it?

Edit: I own a uart cable, but I was too lazy to use it. I don’t think it will help here

As you already said in the Matrix chat, you don’t want to to self-destruct again, so please go to another OS that is not rolling release based.

I’ll remove the linux-pinebookpro kernel from the repo since it’s broken.

I have not been able to get the display working with any other kernel than linux-pinebookpro that is the problem. I’m only using manjaro because I have no other option apparently.

The issue is that the functionality for that display is not supported by mainline kernel and the patches we had for it, only half worked, so they have since been removed.

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