Fresh Install after 8 years -- suggestions for optimizing?


After 8 years of running manjaro on my old Thinkpad, I finally got a new one! Thinkpad T16 AMD Ryzen Pro 7 to be exact.

Install went smoothly and everything seems to be running great. Before I get all my stuff transferred, though, I wanted to ensure everything is configured correctly and running as it should.

Any suggestions for things to check, benchmarks to run, performance testing tools, etc? In the hardware configuration section of the manjaro settings manager, there are a bunch of “unknown device name” items, mostly with (AMD) afterwards. When I go to the info center, though, everything seems to be correct.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Most all configurations are dependent on an interconnected web of hardware, use pattern, skill, economics, etc.

But the assorted manuals are probably the places to look.


Improving performance - ArchWiki

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I caught a X13 gen4 AMD (no os) - default installation runs extremely well - no issues no specific need for optimazation - it is already a :racing_car:

If you are really - really into those nitti-gritty bits - I suggest you give a spin - it is heavly optimized for the latest of the greatest AMD.

8 years on manjaro usually means that your /etc/ must be a treasure trove. treat it with the respect it deserves.


Thanks, folks! It’s been running like an absolute dream. Been using Manjaro since 2013 and it’s awesome to see how far things have come.

Thanks to all the developers and community members for making and supporting such an awesome OS!

Indeed, I’m as meticulous backing up /etc as /home and my system is “only” 3.5 years.