Freezes at Random intervals

after using manjaro gnome for some time it freezes randomly making all icons blank. This happened many times and gets irratating when it happens in middle of the work. How can i solve this issue.
Kindly help me out!
Many told me earlier that it happens because of Nvidea graphics driver… isnt there any way to solve this issue?

Without at least some logging output from journalctl/dmesg/Xorg logs… it’s impossible to say what the cause is. It could be the nvidia driver, it could also be something else.

Since I have encountered freeze problems in the past, I just want to mention one other possible cause: if you use a Ryzen-based CPU (doesn’t even seem to matter which one, although for the older CPUs the freezes occured far more often), you might get occasional system freezes (and reboot after a couple of seconds after the freeze). The workaround here is to first make sure UEFI, kernel and amd-ucode are always up to date, and then maybe you also need to use the kernel parameter “max_cstate=5” (this limits the power saving capabilities of the CPU a bit), because the upper 2 CPU power saving c-states seem to cause this issue. But it doesn’t happen for everyone, so it’s kind of a weird problem.

But, again, this might not be your issue at all. Just mentioning it because I had it with 2 different Ryzen CPUs now and the kernel param always helped.

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