Freeze with a ACER C 720 (gpu related?)

Hey There,

Here is my first post on the forum, I’m a new user on Manjaro, and I moved all my home computer runing on it.

My wife has a Acer c720 Chromebook that went unused. So I decided to flash the bios and to install Manajaro on it. It worked quite well but I remain with a issue.

I have some freeze of the system when I launch certain application. For instance, I had to disable hardware acceleration in Chromium, otherwise the os freeze, (still able to move the mouse but nothing else).
I do have the same freeze when I try to launch rpi-imager. the shape of the window pop and then the os freeze.

I did several research before this post, but I did not find any artcile related to this kind of issue, so here I am.

If you are able to help, it would be really awesome.