FreeOffice's PlanMaker overwrites a link file with a copy of the document instead of overwiting the original file

I noticed this problem when I tried to change my file by opening a link from my desktop. The copy of the file would be created instead instead of the link file. I tried to find the way to report this to the developer of FreeOffice but somehow failed, can you tell me if I can somehow report it or do something about it?

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Please file a bug here.

From a programming POV, if the application is super-sensitive to data loss and first writes a temp file and then renames the old file to backup and then renames the temp file to the new name, this is expected behaviour for most modern programs.

symbolic links are good for static read-only files or for directories, not so much for dynamic files so it’ll take a programming effort to make this work.


Thanks, I reported it. :+1: Gladly, the bug isn’t a big deal, but I always try to report them to help make the software better.

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