freeoffice as default in Manjaro 18.1-rc6 ISOs

This is actually one of the (great many) reasons why Manjaro is so impressive. There are distributions with a hell of a lot more developers that don't come anywhere near the degree of polish, versatility, performance and stability that Manjaro offers, and most of them aren't even rolling-release distros.


Other nationalities too. :crazy_face:


Please do not spread FUD - relax - no one is forcing anything onto anyone


If that is happening, then my main concerns are not valid anymore. I will mark this as solution for the thread.


At first, i was sceptical, too.

but after listening to what phil is telling here (around 13:40), it sounds much more reasonable and i can get behind the decision. ^^
I think it would have been good to offer some statement explaining things right from the start though...

Is there a program that translates mp3/4 e.g. into german?

It's a YouTube video so it might have translated subtitles/closed-captions?


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This move means manjaro is a responsible linux distro , its of great importance for people who use linux to be have compatibility because they may use their computer for semiprofessional use.
Its a good move but what i don't like is that the post says that freeoffice can't write to open document formats... you know that nowadays open document format became more and more mainstream and are used by many people and companies etc ??

The Manjaro developers have asked the FreeOffice developers to provide for full ODF support in the FreeOffice that will be included as an option in the next official Manjaro releases. So...

  1. Full ODF support could still be provided for after all; and...
  2. The inclusion of FreeOffice will be an opt-in choice in the Calamares installer.

The way it WILL be sounds just fine, justified and most important: optional. Glad to see some people got back on track in spite of the objections to my critiques to their critique :wink: Surprised to see there are some skeptics still ... sss

I'm in. That is after understanding the whole idea

FUD? So, if you think something is bad move and say so, it is FUD? Troll?

Even if you give URLs to prove what you say about a crippled software?

Strange point of view. But it is internet in 2019, after all!

Nothing to add besides good luck for Manjaro 18.1.0 release next september.

i just installed the rc6-cinnamon iso and did not get this choice at all

The "chooser" is in the -rc7 images.

oh thanks, thought i read it was in the rc6, my bad

How about inculding OnlyOffice, it's OpenSource and compatible to MS Office.


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