FreeBSD will leave ZFS for ZFS On Linux


this do not change the license CDDL


That is interesting. I wonder if that will bring any additional development focus to ZOL.


The mailing list link

Before ZoF can be merged back in to ZoL several steps need to be taken:

  • Integrate FreeBSD support into ZoL CI
  • Have most of the ZFS test suite passing
  • Complete additional QA testing at iX

We at iX Systems need to port ZoL’s EC2 CI scripts to work with
FreeBSD and make sure that most of the ZFS Test Suite (ZTS) passes.
Being integrated in to their CI will mean that, among other things,
most integration issues will be caught before a PR is merged upstream
rather than many months later when it is MFVed into FreeBSD. I’m
hoping to submit the PR to ZoL some time in January.

The current plan is to import ZoF and unhook the
older Illumos based sources from the build on April 15th or two months
after iX systems QA deems ZoF stable - which ever comes later. The
Illumos based sources will be removed some time later - but well
before 13.


from this
–> illumos is dead or close to
–> solaris is dead
–> Oracle , that do not put on FreeBSD will lost os , and still want more with ZFS,
only OpenZFS will survive with linux ( they have oracle enterprise on … linux …)

–> They lost from not having enough developpers vs linux on OpenZFS , that why FreeBSD have to use OpenZFS

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