Free streaming, music player for Linux?


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running in browser… but free and stuff

MusikWave Desktop (Now in AUR)

Thanks. It seems that it is a radio though…I cannot search for songs


i came across this great app to stream any audio/video service you want, comes with about 20 pre-configured streaming services and any that arent there are easily added as custom plugins the app creates itself depending on which service you want. and lokks great doing it (also a lot of custom themes included in the app, eg. tidal,spotify,youtube,etc… that you can set individually for each service if you want)

MellowPlayer (AUR)

MellowPlayer is a free, open source and cross-platform desktop application
that runs web-based music streaming services in its own window and
provides integration with your desktop (hotkeys, multimedia keys, system tray,
notifications and more).


Colin Duquesnoy / MellowPlayer

Cloud music integration for your desktop

comes with 20 of the more popular services ready to go including Tidal music streaming service which has no native linux app available. it does more than just music streaming, it also comes with netflix ready to go and makes it easy to add any other services like amazon prime video or just about any other audio/video streaming service.
works very nice and makes it easy to combine all your streaming services within one single app.


Ok so this has more like “official” music players bundled into one? I do not have any account with any of these and I won’t want one. Maybe it is useful if one has multiple accounts to such services? Also, is it like a web-wrapper that bundles many websites into a sort of browser?


its a web wrapper i believe but in comparison to any of the other ones ive tried in the past its far better, handles keybinding so i can hit previous/next/play/pause even when its minimized. it can also disappear to tray. it just seems put together much better than ones ive tried previously.

you dont need to, you can disable any of the ones that come preconfigured, and you can use the plugin generator to create one to work with any service that has a web-based player. what services do you use? it comes with about 20 on there. i dont think they are all listed on the git page


None :smiley: - I just want a simple app that allows me to search for music, play it, add to playlists. Maybe not even force me to make an account with them :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried youtube on that app but it is simply youtube with ads (since no adblocker) and no way to add to playlists unless you log-in with youtube, but then it is simply youtube. I am not familiar with the other services


Greatful Dead fan ?


soundcloud lets you do that i believe, at least i know they have plenty of music for free and no ads. may have to check on whether or not they let you download for offline play. you can search, stream, make playlists of whatever you want. they also have the Auryo app in the aur, its a client for soundcloud.

aside from that, i think your dreaming. an app that magically searches/plays music from the ether and needs no account, has no ads . would be nice but aside from soundcloud i dont think its out there, but dont let me discourage your search.


Well, (a website I have) does that even though it streams from youtube that will inject ads into videos at least it kinda hides them and being a website if you have an adblocker you wont see any ads. Plus, it doesn’t require an account. Has no ads or trackers that I am aware of.

Apart from that I found 2 more that I want to share with you guys: and - they stream from torrents but I wasn’t able to make them work. If anyone can try…let us know :slight_smile:


Never heard of :smiley: - thanks for sharing. And yeah, can be used for free music streaming (copyright free) - nice


if those torrent copyrighted material you should probably not discuss in open forum, but yeah there are apps well known for that sort of thing you can search/download/make playlist/


It is up to you what you listen to. There are lots of copyright-free music on torrents. Which other torrent-based music players do you know?


i honestly have not used any in a while, apparently a long while. the only all-in-one search/stream/download torrent app i can find would be frostwire. i have tidal,amazon music,soundcloud so using torrents for music has not really been my thing for a while now.


I tried frostwire a few weeks ago and as I remember was full of ads and not at all working well on Linux.

tidal,amazon music - they are not free.
soundcloud - you won’t find most of the mainstream music there.


The wonderful thing I like about your service is that I can find street busking friends who died years ago … they wont ever be hosted on some companies platform… but they still exist on handheld recordings on yt.


I have to say that Cantata, out of all recommendations, is wonderful if you really try and play with it.


  • It is in Manjaro’s repositories.
  • It is a “proper” application.
  • It can play both offline and online music - so you can combine your own private collection with online music
  • It has smart and dynamic playlists (something I wasn’t aware of for any players I’ve used)
  • Can stream radio, SoundCloud, Jamedo (copyright-free music), or Podcasts. So it is really a all’-in-one application


  • No desktop integration for Gnome at least
  • The biggest is that I simply cannot find most of the music I’m looking for online. Like mainstream music or that weird music that you can only find on youtube. And that is a real bummer.
  • The interface is not very “modern”


You want a free application which will find and download “mainstream” music for free?

I think you really need to think about paying for content rather than looking for an application to pirate it.

There’s plenty of “free” content out there, whether radio streams or Jamendo/Magnatune/etc., but if you want “record-label” music you need to pay for it somehow and this forum isn’t the place for you to find a way around that.


That’s what you are interpreting. I don’t want to download any music. You can for example integrate youtube or spotify into an app like Cantata so that you have access to a lot more music for “free”. Maybe there will be some ads here and there, but if people decide to use adblockers then I don’t think that’s a bad idea. Like I am wondering if you don’t use any adblockers when you use youtube or visit any website :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, you are putting words into my keyboard :slight_smile:


I also found this today - seems super similar to my website…maybe they use the same template? But seems like a “proper” app. So far works on though I found some bugs. Streams from Youtube and indexes via