Free space before and after partitioning

I’m installing Manjaro using the Calamares installer. The question is that, after installation, I see the following partition scheme:

Which has free space at the beginning and end.

I guessed this is for aliment. But if I resize the partitions to fill those gaps:

  • Move EFI partition to the left.
  • Move root partition to the left, then resize to fill the end.

Then I check aliment with parted:

parted /dev/sda
align-check opt n

It says that partitions are aligned nowadays.

So I’m guessing why leaving those blank spaces.

That’s normal and harmless.

Everything appears fine then.

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Why? :hushed:

Right from the particular thing: Calamares auto-partitioning leaves unallocated space at the beginning and end of the disk · Issue #1605 · calamares/calamares · GitHub

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