Fractal Wallpapers - WhiskeyPriest


Here are a couple of Wallpapers I created in JWildfire (1920x1080px). They work well with darker themes.

Enjoy! :rainbow:


Here’s one with a bit more color :sunny:

Joyful July (2017) Screenshots

That is awesome


@Chrysostomus Thanks :slight_smile:


As an alternative to JWildFire, you can also check out mandelbulber, which is available in AUR (and doesn’t need java).

Brilliant wallpapers by the way!


Thanks. I have done a couple in Mandelbulb. It’s great. I’m just more familiar with JWildfire. But thanks, I didn’t know it was in AUR. I’ve been using it in Windows. I’ll grab that. Cheers :slight_smile:


Here’s a Manjaro wallpaper. I had to upload this one to Deviantart, because the forum converted the png to a jpg and this one needs to be lossless.

Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots