Fprintd not working while external python script is

I have a ELAN:ARM-M4 sensor (04f3:0c00) and after a bit of searching I found this python script for a 04f3:0c4c but after changing the ID_PRODUCT variable to 0c00 I was able to verify fingerprints and after a few more changes to be compatible with newer python versions I was able to enroll, delete, and verify fingerprints seamlessly. Some more searching yielded a libfprint fork by the same author that supports the 0c4c and I also found this AUR package, so I cloned the libfprint fork and the package, added my PID to the fork and pointed the AUR package to my modified version of the fork and built it. But when I ran fprintd-verify it said:
ListEnrolledFingers failed: GDBus.Error:net.reactivated.Fprint.Error.NoEnrolledPrints: Failed to discover prints
I rechecked with the python script, but it was able to verify the fingerprints normally. Furthermore, I even check the raw USB device calls, but they were exactly the same. Can someone help me get the libfprint fork working? And trying to enroll a fingerprint just screws up the sensor so bad. It creates a “ghost” fingerprint that you cannot remove and requires resetting of the sensor and booting into Windows to wipe everything. Any help will be appreciated.

Ah, yes, found out the problem: fprintd doesn’t work well with Windows. If I remove the fingerprint option in Windows, fprintd works.