Fprint regression since 1.92.0

So I’ve been encountering an issue with fprint since 1.92.0 and I’m told some of it is a problem in the distribution. I’m not really sure if these bits need to be in arch or in manjaro. there’s also an actual bug in libfprint, but, what’s still going on isn’t that (or so I’m told). For now I’ve downgraded and am ignoring upgrades to fprintd. Somewhere though this needs to get fixed. Even a clean install has this problem.

What, no one’s going to argue with me? Will this get fixed? Do I need to take it up with Arch?

Try to install python-validity in AUR, if it works?
The info is here: GitHub - uunicorn/python-validity: Validity fingerprint sensor prototype, that works for me.

If you need to update the last version 1.92.1 of libfprint that is already in the testing branch, you can switch to the testing branch of Manjaro.

their developers said it has nothing to do with libfprint, well the bug where it’s spamming gdm trying to authenticate. I don’t know if I believe that. I’ve already confirmed that the other issues is not in the master branch of libfrprint. That doesn’t help with the spamming of gdm though, which will lock you out with faillock. AUR should not be required to deal with this issue.

Try to install python-validity in AUR, if it works?

sure, if by resolve you mean now I don’t have fingerprinting at all and am using an undocumented piece of software, the problem described no longer happens, but I guess it no longer happens if I turn my computer off too. patches and resolutions were linked to in the above issue on the comment I linked to, admittedly I haven’t tried applying them.