Found Online - How to Use Manjaro Hardware Detection Tool

A nice write up on how to use the MHWD & MHWD-KERNEL tool commands


Everything available in the man and wiki pages … but hey, not a bad write-up at all.

Nice page, but after around 10 seconds, it redirects to a “you’ve won a Walmart gift card.” This may mean visiting the site is dangerous

Edit: It was on ios that this happened. I currently use the open source adblock plus addon for FF.

Oh didnt notice … not even on this windoze machine :laughing:
[…I’m guessing you dont use ublock:origin ?]

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Never got that, but maybe the add blocker and no pop ups handled that.
Maybe I’ll drop my protection for that card. :money_mouth_face:

Don’t believe in ad blockers?

You might use brave since you don’t even enable basic

OK kids calm down … I think they got the message.

OMG, are you serial.

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