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Greetings to all. Sometime over the last couple of days, I must have clicked somewhere on the forum’s main page and changed its layout. When I would open the main page, I would be presented with the “Catagory” view and each category would display the 3 newest posts for each. Now, after doing something bone headed while viewing the forum on my phone, it only displays the categories. Is there a way to get the Catagory + 3 newest post view back?

I have perused all the settings options, and I can’t find it.



Default start page at


I appreciate your reply, and I even managed to figure out where you were at. It was a little fun, since I do not speak Greek. :thinking: Unfortunately, none of the settings there brings the view I had back. Here is what I got going now for settings:

No matter what I change, the view on the main page does not change.


I don’t know what you’re looking for, but the Categories view in the screenshot has been the layout for the last two years or so.

Certain categories have boxes within them (e.g. #announcements) showing subcategories?


@jonathon Thank you for your response. What I was seeing was in each category, it showed the newest 3 posts in that category. For example:

Stable update Gnome, KDE, Initd (23-10-2018)
Testing update Manjaro Mirrors (22-10-2018)
Testing update i686 Manjaro (22-10-2018)


I hope that makes sense. For me, having those previews helps me to see what is new at a glance.

Thank you again for your time.


You mean like this?

you have to be in a specific category then it’ll show the sub-categories with the last 3 topics.

EDIT: That only seems to work for a few of the categories though.


Hmm… I wonder whether this was a recent change within Discourse, though why they would remove that option I don’t know.


Seems there are a few options. The second one looks like the one @linesma is reffering to


Yes indeed. There’s a site-wide setting for that, but I don’t think that has ever been exposed as a user-level customisation.


Sorry for going OT, but it is discourse related. I lost my post composition spellchecking a few days back. Has there been a change in that regard. I looked on the discourse site, but couldn’t find any info on that.


Firefox was updated a few days ago. Have you checked the right-click menu that Check Spelling is still enabled?


Doooh, now I feel like such a newb. :man_facepalming:

Thank you.


@moson Yes! That’s exactly what I am talking about. Now if I could just fiqure out a way to get it back.

@jonathon That is what I saw when I would go to the forum.

I also am sorry for the delays in my responses. It is entirely due to time zone differences. I am, depending on where you all are at, 8 to 12 hours ahead of you.


Well, I don’t know what or how it happened, but the forum view I was asking about is back! I noticed it when I logged into the forum today. Thank you to whomever fixed it. I truly do appreciate it! (the uploaded image is from my cell phone)