Forum tweak rave


A quick thanks for sorting the drop down menu notification list length, even it if was accomplished by a version update of the forum software. it’s much better now with the truncated format, no more scrolling for the dismiss and logout options :slight_smile:


I think this issue is “come and go”. Sometimes it’s short, while others is long.
You rushed too soon to celebrate… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it seems fairly permanent to me it’s been like this for a couple of days worth of notifications, there’s now a view older notifications button instead of the scroll bar

therefore I’m happy to crack out the party poppers and champagne :smiley:



hah, before i didnt have to scroll down to logout and now i do, thanks whoever complained :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. i almost never use it anyway so not a big deal. a few days ago i looked at the active login’s in my profile and i had a ton of them in there i had to clear out. considering how much time i spend on this forum, “logout” in my drop down means next to nothing to me but im glad it make some others happy. :partying_face:


Hmm, I still need to scroll. :grin:

No biggie.


how many notifications are shown on your lists that still need scrolling? is it limited to 10 or are there more shown? Maybe thread title length is still a factor


Today I have 10 and can see the log out.

Edit: I may not have been on this computer yesterday at the time I checked to see if the log out was visible. Too many computers and OS here. :thinking:


A nice interesting forum feature:


Yes, I noticed this, too. It’s now much easier to access the logout without scrolling. It used to be all the way at the bottom of the screen, almost hidden.