Forum: reverse chronological sort order

Hi all,

Is it possible to configure the topics and threads to be displayed in reverse chronological order? Newer messages and replays at top, older at bottom?

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Pretty sure that is actually the default.

The posts with the most recent activity is displayed on top.

It seems not.

Hm, maybe it’s a settings I’ve set then. Mine behaves like he describes.


The threads on the forum home, or in forum categories yes. The posts within a thread, no, they are in chronological order and there is no setting to change any of that.

Ah yes, I most have misunderstood. I was talking about the list of topics and threads, not the content of them.

To be fair the initial message is not clear. It talks about topics, threads, messages and replies…

If you click on the time since last post (instead of topic’s title), you’ll be brought to last reply.

It took me awhile to get the hang of the Discourse forum. In my Preferences, I have set these options (in some cases, these might have been the default):


  • Consider topics new when: created since I was here last

    They do appear to be in datetime order, with the most current at the top.

    The columns are clickable and will change the sort order.


  • Watching First Post: Releases, Announcements, Stable Updates, News, Unstable Updates, Testing Updates


  • Default Home Page: New

When I first log in, I see a list of topics that I have not viewed yet. I go through the titles and open in a new tab if interested, then I click the Dismiss button.

When I read a topic and I want to follow it, I change the Tag from Normal to Tracking.

When a topic has a Tag of Watching or Tracking they appear under your Profile Picture.

NOTE: RSS Feeds too

For example, for a category:

Annoucments Webpage: https ://
Announcements RSS Feed: https ://

For example, for a user:

https ://