Forum home page missing Open advanced search

Forum Home Page

  1. The forum home page use to have a search button (magnifying glass) next to the user’s Profile Picture.

  2. And the text search box use to have a button to Open advanced search.

If a category is selected, like Announcements, the magnifying glass is now next to the user’s Profile Picture and when clicked the text search box cotains the button to Open advanced search.

I click the Manjaro label in the webpage header ( it is on every category page) to bring me back to the main page, and that is where I would do a search. The Open advanced search is a convenient way to reduce the number of search results.

This appeared in the “similar to” topic back in 8/21: Inconsistent search box on Manjaro forum home page.

Looks like the UI has changed [again] :wink:.

I discovered that if you click in the Search box and press Ctrl-Enter, the Advanced search options will appear. :grinning:

I see that search button only when I’m not on the forum homepage for example when viewing/answering this thread,

It also still has the hamburger menubutton for advanced search:



On the Manjaro forum homepage, when I click in the search box, the popup help text will display per @lsteeger response. However, if I click away and click in the search box again, the text changes.

So far, when clicking in the search box, the popup help seems to randomly rotate through:

The above is a little confusing until you know what is happening :slight_smile: I miss the Advanced Search button in the Search text box and the magnifying glass on the forum’s homepage, but I do see the shortcut in the Keyboard Shortcuts of Ctrl+Enter.


If anyone needs to know, typing a ? or clicking the keyboard shortcuts icon at the bottom of the sidebar menu will display the Keyboard Shortcuts.

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