[Forum] - Add nexcloud authorization to use the discource API

NextCloud Hub 20 introduce a Discourse integration inside NextCloud.
I’d tried to add the manjaro forum to see what exactly it do and how it looks.

But it seems there is something needed in discourse itself.

NextCloud tell me to ask the discourse instance admin to add nextcloud to the authorized to use the API.

here is exatly the message of my nextcloud:

Discourse integration

If you fail getting access to your Discourse account, this is probably because your Discourse instance is not authorized to give API keys to your Nextcloud instance.
Ask the Discourse admin to add this URI to the “allowed_user_api_auth_redirects” list in admin settings:

could it be possible?

I don’t really know if the problem is this.
After the forum ask me the authorization to give access to nextcloud I just have a white page and I think it should give me a key…

edit: any news?

How about now?

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I will check tomorrow and report back.

all is working now…
Thanks again…

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