Formatting exFAT USB to FAT32

If you skipped step 2 then - unless you have previously used ventoy - the device is not bootable with the ventoy boot menu - and thus you may need to redo the initialization and the copy of the iso files onto the storage.

Ok. Two more questions:

  1. How to redo, I mean how to erase ventoy and iso from USB and do all the steps again?
  2. When should I exactly install ventoy using the eponymous application? I didn’t find any mentions about it in your guide.


It might be easier for you to use the Ventoy GUI, find it the menu of whichever DE you are using or type ventoygui into a terminal.

Once there you can install/update ventoy on the stick.

just like the first time:
find what your usb device is and install ventoy to it
after that, you have a bootable drive to which you can write as many iso files as will fit on it and you can also use it for normal storage of other files

Yeah, right. I mean now I have usb stick with ventoy and iso already in, but I did some mistakes during preparation. Do I need to format it or how do I get a regular empty usb stick to be prepared for the second time?

I did it using ventoy GUI at the first time already. When I’ve installed ventoy, the similar app appeared and I installed ventoy on a stick using it.

no need to have an “empty” stick
… whatever that might mean to you …
just point to this usb stick and install ventoy to it

it’ll then be a bootable device
and you’ll be able to simply copy your files and iso images to it

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I did it first time exactly as you described. Can I boot from it safely?

The UEFI Bios boot Ventoy on that stick.
Ventoy can boot ISO images.

What is it with these 1000 questioms?
Just try it, what’s the worst that could happen?

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