Formating USB key with GUi app

is there a nice GUI app that can format easily usb key, like the excellent one provided by MX-Linux for example ?

U can try mintstick from aur

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Why when it’s available in the community repo? :wink:

❯ pamac search mintstick | grep community
mintstick                                             1.4.4-3         community 


cool, thanks ! I think this basic tool (or the equivalent actually) would be a nice addition to the standard app installed in Manjaro, because formatting a USB key is a common task.

If I want to make a bootable USB, I find my disk ISO and open it with balena etcher. If I want to format, I open ‘partition’ from the menu.

There are already many ways to achieve this - we don’t need too many pre-installed for not so common tasks. But yes, mintstick is nice (and comes up with the word ‘format’ from the menu).