Forking i3-nagbar

I would like to change the i3-nagbar source code, so that it showed messages at the bottom of the screen, instead of at the top.

And, after this, put the application in AUR under the name i3-nagbar-bottom. Which steps should I take?

I want to do this because I use polybar on top, and also because it can be a good learning experience.

You just outlined them. What specifically are you asking for help with?

FYI, i3-nagbar is part of i3-gaps, so the AUR package would have to be something like i3-gaps-nagbar-bottom.

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I’ve found a simpler workaround regarding this issue. One can use this script as a starting point.


CHOICE=$(zenity --question --no-wrap --text "You pressed the exit shortcut. Do you really want to exit i3? This will end your X session." --ok-label="Yes, exit i3" --cancel-label="No")
case $? in
        i3-msg exit;;