Forest bridge

The manjaro way or manjaropath


Where is this? I’ve seen a bridge like that in Vancouver, Canada in a holiday. I managed to make that bridge shake where a older Chinese woman turned around and started yelling at me. Happily I don’t speak Chinese so I have no idea what she said.

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I have no idea, I was speculating it is either somewhere in the Pacific NW (Olympia …) or Japan. It seems as a very moist but non-tropical place. For people living in dry environments this seems like heaven. For Olympians a vacation to N,Mexico is highly valued. Olympia peninsula gets as much rain as a really wet rainforest, much much more than Vanc.BC or Seattle. I bet you know but people from far away may have never heard of the place.

I am from far away and I’ve heard of Olympia 27 years ago, after Bleach (Nirvana) came out :wink: .And, as a biologist I say this place is far south from Olympia’s coniferous forests.

So what do you think “it smells like”?

Southern Brazil or Paraguay ?