Forcing MHWD to use another driver series (NVIDIA)

How can I force MHWD to use NVIDIA driver 470xx ? It detects my GTX680MX (PCI ID: 11A3) as compatible with 390xx. This is not true, it works also with 470xx. See: What's a legacy driver? | NVIDIA .

I could install 470xx by manually exchanging the 390xx packages. But I think it would be better to do it with MHWD as there is still 390xx listed as installed.


Same problem here: Geforce 640M Laptop, 470.xx should be supported, I see only 390xx as option

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I opened an issue at Gitlab: Missing PCI ID for GTX 680MX (#1) · Issues · Packages / Extra / nvidia-470xx-utils · GitLab

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The IDs should be provided by the driver itself if I recall correctly. So if it isn’t listed it probably not officially compatible.

As I understand the code correctly, you are right. MHWD parses the IDs from the driver. But there are already some IDs which are manually added by the Manjaro package maintainer.

NVIDIA is doing weird stuff here: If you are searching on the normal NVIDIA download page for my GPU you get only the 390 driver. But as stated in my first post in this thread there is another official page where NVIDIA says it is compatible. And this makes sense because all Kepler arch GPUs should work with the 470 driver.

I do not expect that Manjaros MHWD tool get fed manually with all these missing IDs. They cannot test every single card. So a better solution would to allow the user to select the driver series on its own. Maybe with a hint that this is risky.

EDIT: It is not the 390 driver which the website suggests, instead you shall install the 418 driver. This version is no longer maintained and thus it was removed from the Manjaro repo. So MHWD needs to jump back to 390 due to the missing PCI IDs in the 470 series. Someone already explained this in the NVIDIA forum: 470 Legacy Driver (Linux) Issue: Mobile Kepler chips are supported but not in Supported Products list (or App. A of readme) - Linux - NVIDIA Developer Forums
It seems to be that only mobile GPUs are affected. Unfortunately no one ever responeded…

So there is no issue it works as expected and the result is as intended? From what I see on the drivers Manjaro provide your card is compatible with 390 series only as it is not listed on the 470 series page.

same issue as above, your card is not supported by the 470 drivers.

Our cards are compatible look at What's a legacy driver? | NVIDIA

I am already using 470 without any problems.

I mean if you check the list of supported hardware in the drivers Manjaro provide (check links) your cards are not listed.

Yeah so Manjaros method to check for compatability is not sufficient.