For what are you using Linux now?

I am beginning with me:

  1. General purpose OS
  2. Surfing in the internet
  3. Watching videos (media library, YouTube,...)
  4. Watching TV channels
  5. Listening music (5000 radio channels can be selected on
  6. No windows malware works on Linux
  7. Self build firewall also works with Linux

1-6 of the above but also because it prolongs the useful life of some hardware I own without bogging it down like W8.1 and W10 does.

I also play the odd game via Steam and PlayOnLinux. The PlayOnLinux games actually run better with that than they do in W10.

Eventually I will migrate all my systems to Linux. I only have the one higher spec machine left I use for gaming that runs Windows. I'm starting to lose patience with the worsening attitudes and behaviour of the gaming community I play in though (even members of my own team) so I may just ditch it and only play the games that run on Linux from next year onwards. I guess individuals concerned don't like being handed their arses on a plate two years in succession, it was okay for them to dominate previously though :roll_eyes:

Easy, because it works.

just consumption, playing with linux
My production computer is an iPad.

  1. Gaming!!! (big gamer with 738 games that work in Linux with either native,proton,crossover, or wine). Stopped dual booting with win10 this year when win10 ate itself again. Only 5 in my library will not work in Linux now
  2. Watch TV (with youtube TV)
  3. Internet stuff
  4. Admin point for the other pc's and servers on my network. All linux.
  5. Music
  6. Plex
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Well, everything, for 11 1/2 years now. I dual-booted from 2012 2014 with Win7 :scream_cat: strictly for games. In early 2014, after X-COM and BIOSHOCK INFINITE, the Orange Box and others came out with Linux versions, I deep-sixed that buggy malware magnet. Never again. There are no reasons at all for me to use M$ OSes at all. There are a very few Windows apps which I install with wine, and that's it.

Linux, and Manjaro FTW!:smile:

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I keep an offline Win7 computer in my workshop that runs Mach3 to control my CNC machines. For everything else, I use Linux, both on my home desktop and laptop (which, at the moment is Manjaro).

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. browsing the internet,
  2. collecting memes, and making OC
  3. reading books, watching films, listening to podcasts,
  4. doing theoretical physics (numerical computing)
  5. writing papers and books
  6. programming, web design,
  7. book formatting, typesetting music,
  8. composing music,
  9. digital calligraphy,
  10. studying Egyptology (including typesetting hieroglyphic)
  11. occasional gaming, though I don't have much time for that, unfortunately...

The last point is the reason I don't miss Windows, too much. If I had more spare time and wanted to play the latest AAA titles, I'd probably make a dual boot. But no point, really...

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I have Manjaro XFCE on my work desktop, Manjaro Gnome on my laptop, and CentOS on the supercomputer at my workplace.
On the work desktop, I use it for everything work related, which is mainly programming, scripting and conducting simulations, since I am a PhD student in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry.
On my personal laptop, I use it for basically everything except intense work, for which the desktop is much better. Recently I find myself using my laptop mainly for DOTA 2. Everyday after a after-work chill out session DOTA relaxes me like anything.
On the supercomputer, CentOS is crazy stable, reliable and good. Of course it isn't CentOS stream. I am also one of the 2 system administrators, albeit the junior one, for the supercomputer. So i dabble in sysadmin stuff regularly and keep learning new things about it. Recently I am learning to make new modules in the supercomputer and upgrade the existing modules.
Oh and of course no dual crap since 2 years.

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I need dual booting on my computer, since there are two programs, which run on Windows only:

  1. Canon photo correction software
  2. EGVP: crypted data transfer to courts

Everything (well yes but actually no :joy:)

Law student.

  • Writing assignments
  • Internet (e-mail, video, legal database, fooling around)
  • Collecting, organizing and listening to local music
  • Occasional gaming

Pretty much it. These days I've totally morphed into a "non-technical" user, seldom taking care of anything that involves a terminal anymore. For the everyday purposes Linux has never let me down.

Not everything's covered, though. The online exam software adopted by my law school, for example, only supports Windows and MacOS. I don't have the guts to wine it for a load of 4-hour exams. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


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