For the developers

This for the Manjaro developers. My take on the installation of Xfce, KDE and Net install. Note: I installed on 2 different computers. Ryzen 2200G with a 320 chipstet and a 2600 with a B450 chipset.

  1. Xfce: Installed without a hitch until reboot. The EFI partition was corrupted. This would be a deal breaker for a new user right there. Easy fix for an experienced Linux user. Upon entering the desktop I had a notification that there was over 500 updates for the system. In my experience this normally will break the system…and it did. Seriously guys. Your ISO is that old that there was that many updates?

  2. KDE: wouldn’t install at first, kept on erroring out with the mirror selected by the live install. The mirror was in Greece, while I’m in Canada!! Deal breaker for a new user. I fixed that, then I was met with another error with a wrong library so the install came to a dead stop. I fixed that. The install went great after that except after the reboot. Manjaro corrupted my EFI partition AGAIN. I repaired that and it’s been great since.

  3. Net install: totally broken. I went on the forums and there was an admission that it was broken. Why would you people leave it up? These things are all deal breakers for new users. Is there no one checking these ISOs that they actually work and are properly configured? These computers I installed Manjaro on are sweet systems now that it’s been worked on under the hood. I feel like I’ve gone back in a time machine to the early days of Slackware and the first Linux installs. I’m sure you guys will fix these shortcomings, in order to attract new users fleeing WinDoze. I’m not a newbie, and this is not my first rodeo.:wink:

I think you mean Architect. The ISO hasn’t been refreshed in awhile, however it’s also available on any ISO. You’ll be much more successful that way.

I edited your post to make it a bit more digestible. :wink: