Fonts - slavic languages

Hello all

Happy new manjaro year!

Wish you all the best and even more!

I have small issue with Manjaro:

I open pdf with EVINCE but the font is not ok

the font written in doc properties is ARIAL

It is a document with slovak letters

I already have package ttt-ms-fonts installed but it looks it s not used by EVINCE or QPDF,

MASTERPDF or firefox/chrome reader is showing correctly the pdf…

Do you have any ideas?

I try to embed picture or weblink but it does not work…

Thanks for your help


do you want the font to be arial or one with slovak letters??


When I open the doc properties in Evince, I see truetype Arial, but as the document is from Slovakia, some letters are from Slovak language: č, š, ž etc etc
And these letters are recognized by Masterpdf or google chrome viewer but qpdf or evince no.

I m sorry, I try to embed some pics or weblink on the forum but i am not allowed.

Is there a package I could install to solve this?
I thought first the problem was with Microsoft TTF, but even after its installation the problem is still there

that means that a font is installed that supports those characters and is used as a fallback by masterpdf and chrome. it is something with qpdf and evince only


Thanks for answer, does that mean that there is no solution?

If yes, that s a pity because evince for me is much better than google chrome pdf reader…