Fonts look terrible with Arabic texts on Manjaro KDE 18.0.4

I have just installed Manjaro KDE 18.0.4, and the Arabic texts look like that:


It will be a good font to use with wall paintings, but with everyday use, it will be a nightmare. It looks even bigger when browsing websites. This a picture from one of the Arabic comments from this forum:


I changed all fonts to Ubuntu fonts, but it doesn't matter what font I choose, all looks the same with Arabic texts.

I have never had this issue before with previous releases.

[ I wouldnt mind you telling me which of those 2 methods works or which is preferred so I can add a section to the wiki :wink: ]


Thanks, for your answer, but you need to fix it in the next ISO build.

The Arabic fonts are ok, the fonts cause this issue are 2 Urdu fonts inside /usr/share/fonts/noto/

Thier names are NotoNastaliqUrdu-Bold.ttf, and NotoNastaliqUrdu-Regular.ttf

To automate this fix:

mkdir ~/Desktop/backup
mv /usr/share/fonts/noto/*Urdu* ~/Desktop/backup
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What happens to people who actually use Urdu if that is replicated in the ISO? (not me)

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I don't know. I used so many different distros. I've never had this issue before. It only happens with Manjaro KDE 18.0.4. May be because they removed all Ubuntu fonts, and Ubuntu fonts available to download from the package manager doesn't contain all the fonts.

Hello there , could you please change default "Arabic" fonts in the next builds ?
18.14 still has the same terrible font and i have a friend who really leave this distro just for that reason :confused: hope you can fix that.

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