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in i3 it is possible to use custom fonts for the title bar and the i3bar, but I was wondering how you get the name of a particular font (which you need to specify the font you want to use in the config for example you install the font awesome ttf package but now what name do you use in the config to use this font? ).

And an additional question: is it possible to set different font sizes for different fonts (if you're using more than one)?
The background of this question is that some symbols of the manjaro icons (of which I too don't know with which name to specify them in the config) are very small in the bar and when setting the fontsize to be able to see the icons the font is way too large!

fc-list to see all fonts, and fc-list | grep <name> to find which you want


Oh yes right. So to the seccond question is it possible to specify two diffrent font sizes for two diffrent fonts?

See this archwiki
You can set fallback font, using one font for icon, then another (fallback) one for text.

Yes. (but no different fontsizes for different fonts)
You write of fallback font for the text but if you use FontAwesome for icons I think text is not passed down to the fallback font since Font Awesome can display normal characters

I haven't encountered this different size issue.

This would be a little complicated, you may have two problems now. Easier way is to see other people's config file, and change icon and font you used.
i3 supports pango markup, you can change text color, etc. but I don't know if font size works here.

find your i3status config file

edit output format using markup
    format = "<span size='large' color='#ffffff'>disk:</span> %avail

you need add this line, I can't test it myself, maybe in 'general' or in the same block
    markup = "pango"

Hm ok I use i3blocks but there pango markup is also possible.
Since I changed the font of my icons (from the manjaroi3 icons package to font awesome otf) the issue with the different sizes is gone because Font Awesome uses other Icons.

But two new issues appeared (but this is a thing for a new thread)

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