Font rendering / resolution

Hello all,

I’ve been tinkering with font settings for a few days now and tried nearly everything but I still can’t seem to get a satisfactory result and was wondering - could it be something to do with my hardware?

my test is whether I can see jagged edges in the letter “v” in LibreOffice, as for some reason that always sticks out most to me (regardless of which font is used).

but having tried so many tweaks and reboots I noticed that the Boot image of my Intel NUC also seems to have jagged edges around those letters, so I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the graphics card, HDMI cable or screen itself?

Screen: Samsung S34j55 - 3440x1440 (50Hz)
Graphics: Mesa Intel HD Graphics 6000 (onboard)

The screen is new and I might return it

I wonder if the effect would be even more pronounced with an up-scaled 4K screen ???

Any insights most appreciated

I will update with a list of all the hacks I’ve tried to date if needed


I returned the 3440x1440 UWQHD screen and bought a 4K iiyama 27" monitor instead


IPS vs SVA panel = great colour and viewing angle
163 vs 109 ppi = instantly noticeable difference in clarity

no more jagged “v’s”

had to scale up (125% is ok)

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