font problem within bspwm

good luck with the surgery .. :bouquet:
for all things rofi, you can check out

Thanks for both (surgery is passed but i'm doing rehabilitation ... Seems all pretty fine. The doctors promised i'll be able to return on the skis - with some limits and precautions. But anyway ... :wink: ) !

I had a look at the link you gave me. But from the 3 possibilities where the settings could be find, in my setup, only ~./config/rofi/ seems to exist - and it looks pretty different from what it is presumed to be in github. Probably it's better to open a new thread on this?

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i think you should be using the one on ~/.config/rofi/config
do check if making any changes on the file correspond with the output on rofi's font .. be patience through rehabilitation and don't stress your body too much :leg:

Yesterday installed, but the fu...problem with ALL the system fonts, continue: menu, rofi, dunst, limepanel... It's fu...waist of time. Please Chris, fix the distro soon...

Ok, I'll look into it. I might have time between 20 and 22

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Did you find out something?

For me, after several recent updates, i notice the problem turned back. All is fine, as far as i see exception made for the rofi menu ... (?)

Okay, I now moved to terminus-font-otb and updated all the relevant packages. I feel that it actually improved upon the old look. The new installations should now automatically have good fonts, including bspwm-minimal.

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