font problem within bspwm

Suddenly, may be after the last update, i realized, i have a font problem within bspwm. It looks like in the attached screenshot, the menu, the panel and the screen messages are without a font, only squares ...

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot in advance

Your issue might be related to the latest version of Pango as mentioned in the latest Stable Update thread (Pango doesn't support bitmap fonts anymore):

Select a different font for rofi and rofimenu to see if this resolves your issue.

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Thanks for the pointer - i think you might be right. But, there are so many config files involved - for bspwm i mean - i' m afraid i'll be unable to deal with ... without a help by @Chrysostomus ...

It's not only rofi & rofimenu but also dunst, limepanel and ... and ...

And finally, what font would be the right to substitute xos4 Terminus (i think but i'm not sure?)?

Just asking out of my ignorance: If xos4 Terminus is the font, wouldn't there be a possibility to "fake" it in the font library by a font which would be acceptable by pango? That would be the "lazy" way ...

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Thanks for the pointer. That really sucks, I'll have to change the default fonts...

@emninger, noto sans mono is installed by default. If you want something that looks like terminus, use terminess-powerline.

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thanks for the suggestion with he alternative font. looks ok so far.

ive read that you could downgrade pango to an earlier version than 1.44(?) to solve the issue. i dont know what complications come with that though, as im fairly inexperienced with manjaro/linux.

When you'll have done that, you'll upload the involved config files i presume.

I tried, with caution, to change, and so far i succeeded for the submenus of the panel (under volume and brightness) and for dunst (for the moment i used Office Code Pro Light - but thanks for the hint to use terminess-powerline; i'll try that). But the rofimenu is still with only squares. Is there another config file involved other than those in ~/.config/rofi & rofimenu?

yes, there is. there is ~/.config/rofi and ~/.config/rofimenu directory. i searched for "font" in every file in thsoe directories and changed everything with the terminus font to the terminess-powerline font.

me too, but the rofimenu itself still remains unreadale (practically, i don't use it so much, but ...

For what i see: i have one rofimenu.rasi in ~./config/rofi and one in ~./config/rofimenu. May be they are overlapping, which one would be to keep?

i dont know how they relate to each other. like i said, i literally edited every single file in both directories and replaced the terminus font with the new font. restart the system after doing so.

Seems to be superfluous those in ~./config/rofi ... But i still have the problem that the rofi-menu still has no font only squares (like shown by the screenshot i uploaded in my first msg in this thread).

May be @Chrysostomus knows where the reason for this error sits ... (?)

another though i had, are you maybe referring to limepanel (the bar in the top) fonts and not from rofi?

also its ~/.config/rofi and ~/.config/rofimenu directory where the files are, and not ~./config/rofi and ~./config/rofimenu.

As far as i see, in limepanel the font for volume and brightness pop-up submenu are rofi related (they are set by ~./config/rofi/config-extended.rasi~./config/rofi/config-monocle.rasi, limepanel itself is not.

I think they are set in dmenurc? I don't remember if I ported them to rofi or not.

dmenu is those i access by [Super]+[Space], right? That works ...

I thought rofi (finder) is that one i access by [Super] +[Shift]+[Space] - curiously, although i didn't never discover a corresponding preset keybinding, for me it opens also with [Super] only ... ? (In the msg starting this thread i loaded up a screenshot).

That is setup in ~/.config/bspwm/autostart. Tapping super emulates super+shift+space

im curious about something. if you press the super key and enter "theme", there should be only one entry which is the theme selector for rofi, press enter and see if the theme changes of you press the arrow down key + enter. that also changes the font for some themes. you save the selected theme with alt + a.

does that help with your issue?


actually, that doest fix the issue, because the theme font gets overwritten by another config file. it also overwrites everything else but the color scheme. which file does do that btw? id like to change that too...

Probably check files under ~/.config/rofi and ~/.config/rofimenu


[Super] + "theme" gets overruled by the shortcu settings for bspw which are set in sxhkdrc (super+t = toggle tiling/floating happens earlier)

if you wander far enough in bspwm you will find it :smiley:

Unfortunately, recently i'd to suffer a surgery (a partial endoprothesis in the knee) and my possibilities to wander actually are pretty limited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, i'd have no idea, where to go ... BUT: In any case by some of the recent updates the problem is resolved (thanks again to @Chrysostomus ?) . I'll mark the problem as resolved.

As a footnote, i'd like to know, where the font of the rofi menu is set - although effectively i only use it very rarely (mostly, i'm happy with dmenu and mygtkmenui).

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