Font issues

If it looks like in the first link here:

then the workaround suggested here: is to install proprietary driver in case you are using nouveau right now.

Thanks for the reply!

But that’s not the case. I am not missing letter and such. And I am using the proprietary driver from nvidia.

Ingen orsak.
What about that screenshot ?

Sorry about that. Here’s a couple of shots on different areas:

I had font rendering also and i solved it installing ubuntu fonts.
Take a look here and here.

There is a whole tutorial about font rendering here: How to improve Manjaro Fonts rendering

Well what that scrip does I have already done. Still no change as seen in my screenshots above.

Try this:
follows the instruction in this thread.
If there is the package conflict, just replace the conflict packages.
And then you will get a good rendering of fonts

Thanks, but that post I have followed a couple of times without any success.

You could post your procedure and the error message, because yesterday I just installed this bundle in my manjaro kde, it works well.

No error messages. It installs fine but the fonts are still bad.

you installed all the package in the repo? have you met some conflict?

In fact, the screenshot you put here is what you said the fonts with bad rendering? But I thinks it’s okay, it’s clear

Yup, I installed infinality-bundle. And did nothing after that. Still renders bad.

And aye looking at my screenshots here from work, they look just fine. I am starting to wonder if it is my screen at home that’s the issue.

Anyone ever heard of that?

Hardly to say, because normally it’s not a hardware problem.
Your screenshots here seems rendering pretty fine, just like my Manjaro.
Maybe you could make a test with another monitor or change the resolution of screen to see if it’s better.

In my case, the infinality-bundle satisfy my requirement, not as good as ubuntu, but it’s clear enough.

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Thanks a lot for your time!

I’ll try changing monitor when I get home.

Nope :wink:

That sounds like you’ve set your screen to the wrong resolution, or you have a rare BGR-ordered screen (most screens are RGB-ordered). I have a Philips-based LCD monitor (on another machine) that is BGR and with a default setup fonts do look pretty bad.

Of course, your cable might be loose. That’s the simplest thing to check (assuming you have a desktop PC and not a laptop). You could also have mentioned what hardware you have.

I know you’ve included screenshots, but for display issues a photo really is best.

Well, this is weird. I tried booting up Ubuntu Mate edition and the fonts are awesome. Nothing wrong there, and the settings are all the same. The only difference is which fonts the distro uses.

My monitor is an old HP from the early 2000. The resolution is still 1600x1050 on both distros and its still RGB. The cable is not loose :wink:

What hardware should I show?

Do you mean a real live photo on the screen?

I don’t know. What else would you take a photo of to show an issue that you can only see on the physical display itself?

Please also include the output of inxi -Fx.