Font issue in Flash Player, Firefox


sometimes i use flash player for casual browser games, the odd thing is flash has wrong font, when i type something or there is a message, it appears like this:
symbols instead of letters and numbers.

installed flash player via octopi, reinstalled it and nothing changed, version : 31,0,0,122
the same issue after updating to 31,0,0,153

no other application has this issue, and it didnt happen using others distros

pls send help!


Do you have the ttf-ms-font package installed? If not, this might already help as the flash player defaults to font names … if some of the searched-for font name is not there it might go quirky.

If that doesn’t do the trick, it may be that this is still applicable:



how do i install it ?


install from aur


cant find the ttf-ms-font :rage:


Make sure you activate AUR. I sue trizen as wrapper and from Octopi you get this:



activated AUR, trizen, and found the ttf-ms-fonts
i try installing it, terminal opens a window , i press y, then it just hangs with the message at the bottom,
Read 41 lines


Read the comments on this here also read the comments on win10 fonts always read the AUR page it save wasted time trying to install software and you sometimes get a work around as well.


ma bad, i had to check the boxes -noconfirm -noedit, in Trizen, then it installed fine. :relieved:


yay i got font in flashplayer
so this was the solution… install “ttf-ms-fonts” from AUR with trizen
thanks guys :hugs: