Follow Up /sys/firmware/efi/efivars: unknown filesystem type 'efivars'

Hey guys, this is a follow up to my previous topic that has been locked after 3 months here: /sys/firmware/efi/efivars: unknown filesystem type 'efivars'

I found out what’s causing the error message. And that is linux-rt that I’m using.

So last night I decided to test out linux 5.0. And guess what, I found out the error message was not showing on boot. I was on linux-rt (currently linux4.19-rt) all the time. I did a reboot to confirm the error really is gone. After that, I rebooted into linux-rt again and the error is there again. I also installed linux4.19 to confirm that the problem is not being fixed by linux5.0 but caused by linux-rt package and indeed, even on linux4.19 the error message is not showing up. So I can confirm the problem is in linux-rt package only. And I constantly update my linux-rt to the latest version available all this time, so this definitely was there even before linux4.19-rt.

@oberon @philm Maybe you guys can help with this?

Also summon the people who replied to my previous topic @AgentS @sueridgepipe

Thanks before. :slight_smile:

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